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Cookies can be used to ensure that the information shown is as relevant as possible for your specific interests, that you do not have to enter the same information twice and that you do not have to click the same information each time. In other words; cookies help us to serve you as good as possible.

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Types of cookies
Asko|Schönberg uses functional cookies and analytical cookies to ensure that the site functions properly and to measure usage. These cookies do not use personal data.
Cookies from third parties
Cookies are also placed by other parties (partners) when using our site. These can be so-called 'tracking cookies', making it possible for these parties to keep track of your behavior on different sites. Where possible, we have made agreements with them about the use of these cookies. However, we do not have complete control over the way these parties deal with cookies when they read them out.

Third party websites
We can not guarantee that all websites with which we are connected via links, handle your personal data in a reliable or secure manner. We advise you to read the privacy and / or cookie statement of these websites before using these websites.

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With your permission, third parties also place cookies via our site (including possibly "tracking cookies"). These cookies may be used by them to keep track of which pages you visit from their network (also on other sites), in order to build up a profile of your online surfing behavior., social-share widget: __atuvc, __atuvs, loc, sparrow, ouid, uid, uvc, comment system (only after login, and depending on Disqus account settings / permissions): __jid, csrftoken, csrftoken, disqus_unique, disqusauth, disqusauths, sessionid
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