Credit Maarten Nauw


A sound installation for the public

Joey Roukens
On Swings

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Thursday, 26 September 2019
19:50 hours
Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ

Op de kade. 


The official opening of the interactive sound installation WannaSwing will take place on Thursday evening 26 September, during which percussionist Joey Marijs and clarinettist David Kweksilber will take place alongside the installation, which exists of eight swings that can produce musical pieces. An interaction will emerge between the musicians and the swings, as the swings are "played" by visitors whom are allowed to take a seat on the swings. 

The swings are a creation of WannaPlayground, stage director Caecilia Thunnissen and scenographer Jan Boiten, who felt the need to find a new way to bring music to the public in a new, unconventional and playful manner. As a result, the WannaSwing was created. 

The musicians will play On Swings, a piece composed especially for this installation by composer Joey Roukens. The aim of this performance is to celebrate bringing WannaSwing to the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ after touring The Netherlands for several years. This is the first time musicians will play together with WannaSwing - a unique event to attend. 

The setup of WannaSwing at the Muziekgebouw is powered by the BPD Cultuurfonds and the Stichting BAMB. More information on WannaSwing can be found here: