Joseph Puglia, foto: Thomas Schlijper


Berio's duets for violin

luciano berio
All 34 duets for violin

violin Joseph Puglia and students Fontys Conservatorium
dance students Fontys Dance Academy coached by Marc van Loon and Nina van der Heijden

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All 34 Duets by Berio performed by Joseph Puglia in with students of Fontys Conservatoire.

Joseph Puglia (violinist of Asko|Schönberg) works in several masterclasses with students of the Young Musicians Academy, AMPA and the Master of Music (Fontys Conservatorioum Tilburg). He  introduces them  in the world of the 20th Century music. The focus of attention are the technical and musical ideas of the duets for violin by composer Luciano Berio (1925 – 2003). 
For this final presentation AMPA (Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Fontys) works with the Fontys Dance Academy. Together with the dance student the make a special interdisciplinair performance.