Nora Fischer, foto Marco Borggreve


Festival Into The Great Wide Open


soprano Nora Fischer
sound Arne Bock

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Friday, 5 September 2014
20:00 hours
Into The Great Wide Open

NB The festival is sold out


Asko|Schönberg travels to Vlieland with the young soprano Nora Fischer to perform Ayre at the festival Into The Great Wide Open. In this dazzling work by the Argentinian Osvaldo Golijov the public is taken on a breathtaking, forty-minute journey through diverse musical traditions.

Golijov effortlessly combines Sephardic, Arabic and Eastern European folk music with his own idiom as a composer of contemporary music. He blends exotic and Western instruments with sampled sounds. Occasionally the musicians improvise with wild abandon, and styles and timbres succeed each other at a rapid rate, as do fury, love and other emotional outbursts. Ayre is an ideal choice for the Vlieland Festival, which promotes concepts such as nature, atmosphere, challenge and surprise.


Nora Fischer sings Ayre

Ayre door Nora Fischer en Asko|Schönberg olv Bas Wiegers in Vrije Geluiden

Festival Into the Great Wide Open

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